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Server name Elcardio
Website https://elcardio.fun
Chronicle Interlude
Server type PVP
Votes 16
Status Live
Exp 100
Sp 100
Adena 50
Drop 200
Min enchant 3
Max enchant 16
GM shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom armor
Custom weapon
Custom zone
Key dates:

START DATE: June 5 at 19:00 Moscow time
Start of the Olympiad: June 5
End of 1st period - June 10 (Monday) at 23:59. (further every 7 days)

To get started, if you haven’t already done so:
-Register in the game
-Download the client or patch for the game
Have already done? Let's start studying. "About the Server"

Basic information:
The profession is taken from the cat
Everyone appears in Dion level 10, in the top NG gear.
TvT, CTF, LH events with valuable prizes
Dynasty Armor Set - More information about Dino sets.
New Tattoo* - More about tattoos
Announcement in 15 minutes about the appearance of all RB 76+

The price of the first profession is 10,000 Adena
The price of the second profession is 50,000 Adena
Third profession - 25,000,000 Adena

XP/SP: x100
Adena: x50
Drop: x200
Spoil: x200
Quest: x40 (Quest rate increased only for some quests)
Raid Boss: x15
Seal Stone: x20
Quest Reward - x1

Quests with increased rate:

Seductive Whispers
A Game of Cards
Seekers of the Holy Grail
Guardians of the Holy Grail
The Zero Hour
Legacy of Insolence
Supplier of Reagents
The Finest Food
Relics of the Old Empire
Gather The Flames
Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1, 2
Alliance with the Ketra Orcs
Alliance with the Varka Silenos
Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force
In Search Of Fragments Of The Dimension
War with Ketra Orcs
War with the Varka Silenos
Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe

Rates with premium account:
Exp/Sp: x200
Adena: x100
Drop: x400
Spoil: x400
Seal Stone: x40

Team vs Team (TvT) (with automatic buff for mage/warrior sets)
TvT schedule (event time according to Moscow time): 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00, 01:00
Reward: 1 Top-Grade Life Stone: level - 76, 5 Festival Adena
Capture The Flag (CTF) (with automatic mage/warrior set buff)
CtF schedule (event time according to Moscow time): 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00, 00:00
Reward: 1 Top-Grade Life Stone: level - 76, 5 Festival Adena
Last Hero (LH) (with automatic buff for mage/warrior sets) - 1ST EVENT START June 6 at 20:30 Moscow time
Schedule LH (event time according to Moscow time): 20:30
Reward: - Heroism for 3 Hours, 5 Top-Grade Life Stone: level - 76, 30 Festival Adena