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Server name Draconic.club
Website https://draconic.club
Chronicle High Five
Server type LOW
Votes 129
Status Live
Exp 3
Sp 1
Adena 1
Drop 1
Min enchant 3
Max enchant 60
GM shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom armor
Custom weapon
Custom zone
High Five MultiSkill
Autofarm, Offline buffer, New Life Stone, New farming locations

Player Evolution stat modification system / Rebirth / Upgrade of weapons, armor, jewelry starting from S grade

9 levels of item upgrade

Items of grade S and higher have been removed from the drop, only craft

Game Master Service in Community Board: Offlane Trade, Private Office, Profession Manadger, GM Shop, Global Teleport

Clan services: Increasing the level of the clan, Changing the name of the clan, Removing fines from the player and from the clan

Profession Manadger: Character profession change service, 1st - 100к, 2nd - 1кк, 3rd - 15кк

Global Teleport: Teleport to CB by cities and key territories with the ability to save personal teleport points. Price of saving a point 10кк

Offline Trade, Pick Up services, Auto-Spoil