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Server name MasterofLineage2
Chronicle High Five
Server type LOW
Votes 0
Status Live
Exp 20
Sp 20
Adena 30
Drop 20
Min enchant 6
Max enchant 25
GM shop

NPC Buffer

Global GK

Custom armor

Custom weapon

Custom zone

XP = 20x
SP = 20x
Adena = 30x
Drop = 20x
Raid Drop = 3x
Quest Drop = 10x
Quest Reward = 10x
Spoil = 20x
Manor = 15x
Party XP/SP Multiplier = 2.5x
(getting more XP/SP when in party)

Enchant Rates:

Safe enchant: +6 weapons / +6 Armors / +6 Jewels
Max enchant normal and blessed: +25 Weapons / +20 Armors and Jewels
Max enchant divine: +30 Weapons / + 25 Armors and Jewels
Max enchant in oly: +6 Weapon / +6 Armor / +6 Jewels
Element chance = 65%
Normal enchant weapon, armor, jewelry = 66%
Blessed enchant weapon, armor, jewelry = 85%
Divine enchant weapon, armor, jewelry = 100%

Server Info:

Autolearn Skills till level 80
All skills 80+ working (FS)
Life cystals needed for clan skills
Book of Giants needed to enchant skills
Buffs, dances, songs, chants are 2hours duration
Player/Pet Scheme buffer
Vitality system
Hero Mobs
Auto Event Manager
Offline trade/private creation
GM Shop C/B/A/S
Coins Shop
Global Gatekeeper
Smart Community Board
Popup Class changer up to 3rd class
Free Subclass/Max subclass level 85
Noblesse by Quest/Item
Max adena 99 Billion
Weight limit 1000x
Increased inventory/warehouse slots (500/300)
Hellbound areas working
Seven signs working
Freya Instance working
Delusion Chambers working
Olympiad every month
Siege every 2 weeks