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L2PAGAN x100 Interlude START 2022-01-09

Server name L2PAGAN x100 Interlude START 2022-01-09
Chronicle Interlude
Server type MID
Votes 41
Status Live
Exp 100
Sp 100
Adena 40
Drop 25
Min enchant 4
Max enchant 16
GM shop

NPC Buffer

Global GK

Custom armor

Custom weapon

Custom zone

Main information:
-Server platform - Interlude.
- The occupation is taken automatically.
- Full functionality in Alt + B (clan recrutement), offline store, teleport, buffer, auction.
- All players appear in starting zones as lvl 1.
- Implemented automatic use of cans of CP / HP and MP (type .menu).
- Premium buffs are available when buying premium account.
- Raid Bosses such as: Barakiel, Golkonda can additionaly drop Premium account coin and Festival adenas.

- The price of all three professions is free.

- EXP / SP: x100
- Adena: x40
- Drop: x25
- Spoil: x25
- Seal Stone: x10
- Raid Boss: x10
- Quest: x10