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Падший герой

Server name Падший герой
Website https://fallenhero.fun
Chronicle Interlude
Server type LOW
Votes 2
Status Live
Exp 1
Sp 1
Adena 1
Drop 1
Min enchant 20
Max enchant 80
GM shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom armor
Custom weapon
Custom zone
lowPVP Server

Rates x1

a lot of things have been added

everything can be obtained through the game

quests for items(wings +stats), helmets +stats)

redesigned locations for farm zones divided into levels

Added and changed Raid Bosses from level 40 all bosses are 80+

buns have been added to drop Bosses(read help for beginners)

there are all the shops and NPCs for fun

max point weapon 80 armor 80 (sold in stores immediately +20)