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Server name EVILAX GvE
Chronicle Interlude
Server type PVP
Votes 1
Status Live
Exp 1000
Sp 1000
Adena 1
Drop 1
Min enchant 3
Max enchant 16
GM shop

NPC Buffer

Global GK

Custom armor

Custom weapon

Custom zone

Basic Information:<br> Chronicles: Interlude<br> Concept: GvE<br> The main way of development: PvP<br> Starting level: 61<br> Sub-class: Available after choosing the 2nd profession<br> Buff Duration: 2 hours<br> Number of Slots for Buff: Unlimited<br> Main currency: Adena<br> <br> Other:<br> - 2 Faction<br> - Title Indicator<br> - Assist System<br> - Outposts,Villages,Fortresses<br> - New auto Castle Siege<br> - New auto Epic Boss Battle<br> - New auto TvT,Mini-battles events<br> - Group Bosses<br> - Evil Monster<br> - Classic but fresh locations<br> - Mass rewards for participating<br> - Available for purchase epic jewelry<br> <br> Special items<br> - Artifact <br> - Cloak<br> - Tattoo<br> - Faction Portal<br> - Stable Enchant Scroll<br> - Blessed Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory