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Server name L2Flector
Chronicle Interlude
Server type HIGH
Votes 0
Status Live
Exp 3000
Sp 3000
Adena 3000
Drop 1
Min enchant 4
Max enchant 20
GM shop

NPC Buffer

Global GK

Custom armor

Custom weapon

Custom zone

SERVER RATESXp/Sp - 3000xAden/Drop - 300xRate Party Xp/Sp -1.5xOLYMPIADRetail olympiad game.Olympiad Starts: 18:00 [+2GMT]Olympiad Ends: 24:00 [+2GMT]Hero Changes: Every Friday 14:00 [+2GMT]Period: 1 week /JewelsENCHANTMENTSimple / Blessed Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +15 | (Jewelery): +15Crystal Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +20 | (Jewelery): +20Safe Enchant: +4Blessed: 90% | Crystal: 100%AUGMENTATIONMid Skill Chance: 5% | High: 10% | Top: 15%Max 1 active and 1 passive Augment at a timeCASTLE SIEGE TIMEAden, Dion, Giran, Goddard ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONMain town - Giran.Unique monsters.Unique pvp system.Unique aden balance.Unique farming areas.Unique L2Flector tattoos.Wedding system.Npc skill enchanter.Auto learn skillsA grade items - free.Shops till top S grade.Full npc buffer with auto buff and scheme.64 Buff Slots.Buff Time 3 hours.Max subclasses - 5.Free class change.Free sub class.Free nobless status.Stackable scrolls/ls/bog.No weight limit.No grade limit.Pvp/pk show on title.Top 20 pvp/pk in game.Offline trade system.Interlude retail skills.Perfect class balance.More then 10 active raid bosses.Without custom items.Server is secured with Smartguard.SERVER - Personal config..siege - Sieges - How many players online..dressme - Skins allowed to wear.join .leave - Join or leave tvt - Repair your char if you been stucked